Hey my name is C_Money aka The Muse. So hopefully you can read what I write, feel what I say, and if I can positively influence you in any kind of way, I am completely grateful. I’m black and Korean. Grew up in many different places. I feel that has made me a more rounded individual who’s more open to change or different possibilities. I’m definitely no where near perfect nor do I know it all. I’m just a regular person striving to better myself and my life. I grind because I want more. I want to reach my full potential. It’s not enough to want. I’m going to work, pray, love, eat and move towards a greater life. I’m doing that for me. I want to truly love where I’m headed, so I grind.

Universally Correct?

When you take a look at the things from the perspective of capitalism, it would appear that the easiest way to make more money would be to quickly manufacture the … Continue reading Universally Correct?