Wayfare and Sedentary

There are two kinds of people in this world. This is something more than just male or female. What I’m referring to is there are the mobile people and then there are the sedentary. Nothing wrong with being either. Being an army brat my whole life I tend to be more of the mobile type. I love to travel, move around and meet new people. About 2 years is my max to want to live anywhere because there is just so much out there to do and see. I can’t imagine restricting myself to just one place. Which of course as you may guess conflicts with some of my relationships. Especially those with people that want to live in one place and feel comforts in the familiarity. They enjoy the prospects of living within the same community and having the intimacies of interacting with familiar people. Which is completely normal. It is just not the life for me. I’m sure one of these days I may want to settle down where ever the road of life takes me and plant me some roots but the road will always call to me.

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