First I would ask that you, lovely reader, check the top of the page. Make sure the title of the page you are looking at is called the Jaded Money. What does that mean? It means that this is all for real. This isn’t a television show.  If you wanted to read some fairy tale edited blog then you have come to the wrong place. I’m here writing to you from real life about real life shit. I’m jaded and I’m C Money. Not everything in the grind is pretty. No one is ever on top all the time. I’m a real life person who has real life problems with real life feelings just like you. I’m not going to sugar coat the gritty truth. This isn’t “Money”. This is “Jaded Money” and I’m not afraid to admit my faults or weaknesses. I’m not afraid to share my life with you. Even the great Julius Caesar, whose quote I have tattooed on my body, was just a mortal. I’m not beneath you, I’m not above you. We are both human . . . unless you are an alien and in that case I hope you are coming in peace . . . Anyways hell yeah I have emotions. For the most part we all do. There are days when I have to drag myself out of bed because I have to be an adult. Man I should’ve taken more advantage of them playground days! There are times when I get down or sad just like you. I find exercise is a good way to relieve heartbreak. Something about the endorphins . . . but honestly there’s nothing like walking outside and clearing your mind. So when I get criticized for being too real, well I scoff at it. If you guys wanted to read fluffy fairy tales about fictional characters, then this isn’t the blog for you. Sorry. There is a dark side to everything in life and we are all striving for balance. I want you to be encouraged to practice perseverance and be able to get through them as I will try to do so in my life. Seek the positivity in the darkness. Keep your head always up looking for the sun. We are all in this same boat of life. Be original. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be the Unfiltered Grind. That is my challenge to you. The scariest thing in life is being your true self and hoping for acceptance. Not everyone will accept you, and you don’t need anyone’s acceptance or approval. Know that at least I, the Muse, respect you for having the courage to be yourself. That is ultimately what this is all about.

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