I AM TIRED: #racism and #prejudice

Unless you have been blind, deaf, and aloof you have no doubt heard about the recent race issues that have been rocking the nation. I hate to be the one to tell you that are oblivious but this issue isn’t recent. We fought for our right to vote, we fought for our right to equality and the fight has never ended. The prejudice, the racism has been around creeping in the shadows. The only different is that now we are seeing some of it on the news. There will be some who think that these events are isolated but that also is a falsehood. I hear people saying that we as a community are exaggerating and making a big deal out of nothing. That is a direct slap in our faces. Our blight is not something that is miniscule. Our blight is not something that we will or can just sweep underneath our rugs. Stop trying to distract us from the issue at hand. Just like the black and white television, the ideals that we are not all humanly equal have become obsolete. The world we live in now is not the same world and this type of behavior is not acceptable. The few have been trying to keep the minority down and at bay for too long. It is time that we rise, finally, as a nation, as the melting pot we so like to teach our children, and put a stop to this travesty.

I will be silent no longer. I’m sick and tired of being the target of misplaced hate and ignorance. I am tired of being called a “nigger” and being looked at like I’m a loose cannon. I’m tired of people looking at me like I’m going to be violent, ghetto, or ignorant. I’m tired of my own people discriminating against me because I’m mixed and light skinned. I AM TIRED of people coming up to me while I’m out and within the first breath telling me that they are against the KKK like I just assumed they were racist. (That really happens.) I AM TIRED of the cloud of ignorance that has surrounded the people and the only way to clear it is to educate ourselves. Don’t become a victim to the ignorance and don’t buy into the arsenic laced lies that they will feed you! Racism is alive, prejudice is out here thriving and if we don’t do anything about it we will lose focus on the real issues at hand. While we sit here again killing each other off, there are people in this world plotting on our demise, i.e., 9/11. Stop wasting your life on hate. Stop being a slave to the propaganda. BE SILENT NO MORE! I don’t know about you but I will not go back into the fields. I will not be put in chains. I will not be the property of another. There is no going back. So let us all strive for progress. Let us teach our children the value of equality. Let us teach them about the good things in life so they can live in a world where they don’t have to fear the police because the color of their skin. Let us teach them the values so that they can go worship in church without the fear of being killed. Let us teach them morals so that they can go get an education at a school that is a safe haven and not have to worry about getting gunned down! WE CAN NOT CONTINUE DOWN THIS ROAD. Period. Let us all lift each up so we can strive together as the nation that intended to be “united”.

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