Austin City Limits!

Now if you aren’t from Texas or don’t know anything about Austin I will let you know that Austin is the live music capital. I repeat AUSTIN IS THE LIVE MUSIC CAPITAL. So if all you knew before today was about our infamous 6th street which is lined with bars and shuts down vehicle traffic for our drunken pedestrians, you will find out there is so much more here! Besides drinking, there are so many opportunities to see live bands and artists that you can definitely be musically fulfilled or find growth for yourself. I love music. I grew up playing the piano and clarinet. I have always loved dance and ballet. So I guess I have found a home here. Now one of our music events I already wrote about earlier this year which is called SXSW. It is a super fun festival that’s 3 weeks long which has music but also has a film and interactives week. Go check out my blog SXSW for more details!

Austin City Limits, which is another music festival in Austin that happens in end of September and early October that consists of 2 weekends of outdoor concerts in Zilker Park. There are 5 stages and continuous concerts Friday through Sunday. Most of the bigger artist generally perform on the Samsung stage…F.Y.I. I’ve been to a couple so far and have seen artists such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, School Boy Q, Chainsmokers, L.L. Cool J, etc. So below I have few tips for you…Hopefully I will see some of you out there!


  • Stay hydrated! The last you want is to get to the front and have to be carried out because you passed out/threw up everywhere!
  • Make sure you have a portable charger or mophie to keep your phone charged
  • Some people bring flags to keep their groups together, reception can be sketchy due to the great volume of people
  •  Park downtown and take the shuttle in! Otherwise you may end up paying a lot to park super far and walking hella miles.
  • Check the website for the things you are allowed to bring and not allowed to bring. That way you wont have to throw away anything at the gate.
  • You can’t bring outside food/drink in and they will check your camelbak…FYI
  • There’s no liquor to be bought once you get inside but they have beer/cider and wine
  • Some people bring their blankets and lawn chairs to sit in, as it is a big outdoors music festival

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