Sugar Mama or nah?

I am an independent woman. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit around and be someone sugar mama, which is a woman who takes monetary care of who she’s in a relationship with. No. Not even a little. To me, taking care of a man is like paying him to want to be around. When the money runs out, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did too. Most men need to be able to provide for their family because it’s been ingrained in them that that is what men are supposed to do. They are the hunters and women are the ones who care of the house and the kids. In this modern world where there’s no more need for the hunter and gatherer lifestyle is this shift of women becoming providers an evolutionary development? If that is indeed the case what effect does that have on our instincts for the men to provide and the women to be domestic?


As I have stated before, I am an independent woman. I can manage without a man. For now. Eventually I would want to have a man but I don’t ever see myself trying to buy a man’s love. I know I’m worth it. I am the prize. I feel like women who feel the need to use money to trap a man doesn’t feel like just her alone is enough to keep a man around. Buying him Jordan’s or a car is not going to prevent him from leaving or sneaking around with other women. Period. If a man can’t bring the same as me or better then there is honestly no chance of him talking to me. Eventually we will have children and we will need to provide for them. I refuse to baby some grown man who’s comfortable with me taking care of him like a child. We all are looking for a partner in life. Someone who can complement you, make you a better person, someone you can build your empire with and someone who balances you. Don’t settle. Find someone that will walk beside you in life with your hands held and go off into the sunset.


On the flip side, not all women are independent and that’s fine. If all you have to offer is your domestic skills, that’s perfectly okay. Go work your craft! Become a better cook in the kitchen, educate yourself to help your children be better, and have things you can bring to the table to balance your man. Vice versa, some men are becoming more domestic, and if a woman is willing to provide, well become better in the house. Hey you never know maybe you become such a good cook as you grind in the house you can turn your craft into a means to bring additional income into  the family and lighten some of the load of your wife/husband.


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