Flowers, Family and Friends

One of the important things in most people’s life is family. For as long as I could remember, for me, I haven’t had a family that was very close. Like my mom has always been very supportive but she has always been deployed somewhere providing for me. So growing up my friends were/are my family. It’s true what they say; friends are the family you get to choose.  I’ve known my best friend for 15 years and she is truly my sister. She knows just about all there is about me and can often read my thoughts without any words. We have only had one major disagreement that lasted for a year and some change and honestly that was one of the toughest “break ups” ever! OMG! Thank goodness that has passed! It was such a relief to talk things out and just be friends again. Forgive and Forget! Who even knows what it was really about? Don’t care, its not important! I have learned though that in order for relationships like that to even be made in the first place you have to put in effort. Friendship is a two lane road just like a relationship and if you guys don’t reach out to one another you will grow apart.

Everyone has a life, everyone has things that are going on but just keep those life lines opened because true friends are worth millions. It’s sad because I feel like in my family someone has to literally die before people can come together. So if you are blessed to have your close familial ties, cherish them. If you are blessed with a “Merry Christmas” where you guys are spending that good family time together, CHERISH IT! I too often hear people take those things for granted and roll their eyes when it comes to those bonding moments but looking back, I miss those times. Times weren’t always great but that’s all a part of life. I think back to the days were we would all pile into a car and take family trips all over the US/EUROPE, where ever we happened to live. I’d be in the backseat coloring or annoying my sister, my dad would be driving us somewhere while my mom held the map and made sure we had snacks, etc. Honestly, I’m quite alright not having my family unit together for a multitude of good reasons but I often find myself wishing that I had those close bonds between siblings where we would live nearby each other and have that support of family. Then I think of orphans who don’t even get to experience any of what little bonds I do have and realize that I should feel grateful. What I wasn’t blessed to grow up with, I have found in the bonds between me and my closest friends. Shout out to my day ones!

Long story short, it’s so easy these days to lose track of our family and friends but we need those relationships. No matter how independent we think we are, people as a species are meant to be social. I like to view all relationships like a garden. If you neglect a garden what happens? Well, the weeds grow in and the beauty that was the garden just withers and dies. So to prevent from your relationships from fading you MUST take the effort to maintain them. Water them. Give them sunlight and nutrients. Time is only speeding up so although you may find yourself bogged down and struggling for two seconds to have for yourself, pencil in that time to make contact and keep in touch with those who really matter to you. As a matter of fact right now after you finish my blog, send a text/email/call someone whose presence you value in life and ask them how they are doing. Go on . . .


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