Back That Thang Up!

So, I have noticed that people don’t often back up their information on their devices. Then when the device is damaged or broken all their information is lost, they are super emotional and upset. Rightly so! The dependence on our phones is borderline insane. Looking through someone’s is literally like taking a glimpse of their lives; messages you shared with loved ones living/deceased, photos of friends/family, videos, etc. So you would figure with all that important information on there that backing up the information is one of the top priorities of cell phone users.

Well unfortunately most people never think of those things until AFTER the phone falls into the lake or AFTER the phone software crashes. Essentially phones are mini-computers that we have the ability to take with us on the go. So doing some maintenance or backing up your phone is something that needs to be done! With the way technology has been advancing there are several different ways you can back up your information so you won’t lose all your things or snapshots of those precious moments that you can’t get back.

The cloud. We all joke about the invisible cloud hovering in the air that saves information but in reality, the cloud can be a useful tool. There are all kinds of clouds too. One of which is the iCloud that iPhone users can use for free, they just need to sign in using their Apple ID. If they need more than the 5 gbs allotted then they are able to purchase more at a low fee. Google also has a back up system that the Android users can take advantage of that will not cost them. There are other clouds or back up systems besides those two commonly used, bottom of the line, having a cloud that you can back your phone up to via Wi-Fi that won’t inconvenience the user by taking up a lot of time or money. Also if you lose your phone, or need to manage your cloud, you can sign into your cloud account online.

Now another way to back up at least the photos would be to physically plug the phone into a computer with the usb on the end of the phone cord and then opening the phone like a file or importing the pictures over to the computer. iPhone users can even back their entire phones up to their computers with the use of iTunes with is a program you can download from for free. Now for Android users, some of your phones may have a slot for you to put expandable memory in, that way you can save them to your SD card. Then you can put the SD card into an adapter your computer and access the items that were saved.

No one knows what can happen in a day. If you care about those memories you saved on your phone then take the 15 minutes to make sure that you won’t lose them.

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