Instagram Hoes…

The purpose of this blog is not to sit up here bashing all the Instagram hoes but I just seen something that baffled me. So here’s the scoop, I follow a certain hip hop artist and he posted a video on his IG. Nothing out of the ordinary, they like to post every part of their every day. Why because people are nosy, they have to stay relevant, and let’s just face it, their lives are way more interesting than most. Not implying its better, just more stuff is going on, on a daily basis. Now one of the first comments I see below at the bottom of like 545 comments and no I was not lurking, this was a comment that was showing. This female basically said she had sex with him, he left her out to dry and then blocked her off his IG. Then went into another comment how she had video evidence of their sex act and she was going to post a peek on IG and then the full video later on Worldstar.

I will let that one soak in and let you experience the shock I did. So I did only what most of us would do . . . I had to click on her page! I was just curious to see if it was for real, in real life.  Besides, those musician/Hollywood/professional athletic guys have a reputation for a reason. The few that doesn’t apply to, go be mad at the bad apples that ruined it for you all. Okay anyway, so this female had a few face pictures . . . no body shots  . . . I DEFINITELY wouldn’t say she was model material or anything . . . just a person . . . yeah . . . Anyways, so the last post of hers is a video of her given some guy oral sex with the caption, “Exposed.” In the short 15 second video you never actually see the guys face, just her and his man part. Whoever he is . . .

Before I get to cussing and fussing, someone please tell me when in the history of the modern world did this become a thing to do? I mean yeah we could blame Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian for their contributions to the sex tape era but in real life people are responsible for their own behaviors. SURPRISE! CELEBRITIES ARE PEOPLE TOO. What people do with their lives or bodies shouldn’t affect the way you treat your own! Why on earth should someone else respect you if you don’t even have the decency to respect yourself??? Yes I said it. I understand people make mistakes, but if you are over here trying to get famous for being on your knees . . . your life and your priorities are seriously messed up boo boo! You want someone to love you? Go love yourself! Treat yourself with the respect, tenderness, love and care that you would want in your partner.

What makes me so angry is that this damaged and broken mind set is filtering down to the children. There’s nothing classy about someone posing naked or doing lewd things on IG/vines/youtube just so people can double tap to like you and follow you. This doesn’t mean they like you as a person, this cannot substitute for having real life relationships and this doesn’t validate you as a person. Self-confidence comes from within. As adults in this quickly growing world it’s our job to teach our children and youth how to act, how to respect, how to honor, and what it means to have some dignity. You get what you put out there. You want to act like a “thot” not only will you get treated like one, but you will get someone who’s not out to respect you. I mean you might meet that good, nice guy that wants to love you. Poor fellow . . . not only does he deserve better but if you aren’t willing to do right by him, you’re just ruining someone else’s future husband.

I understand she may have had a dysfunctional upbringing but you can’t let the past ruin the future for you. Letting someone or something that ruined your past violate how you feel about yourself in the present or future only gives that person or thing or event power over you and you are the only one who can take that power back. That being said, THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT. Then like seriously the only thing that was “exposed” was her lack of dignity and her head game. He’s a rapper, no one will be shocked that he goes around having sex with dumb hoes.

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