Constant/Unconstant Moon

Last night while driving, I noticed the moon. This night in particular the moon had just been full a few days before and was beginning to wane. It appeared reddish and about the size of a chocolate chip cookie. I found my mind begin to wander. With all the civilization around me, how would I feel about this moon if I were completely isolated without any technology? No car to propel me across the land and no lights to block out the millions of stars that were unable to be seen. I’m sure I would still sit in wonder as I observe its light coming upon the horizon so steady and sure of itself. I wouldn’t call myself an avid star gazer but I do find myself just sitting back and observing all the worlds billions and billions of light years away. Then I wondered, what did people think about this moon just a hundred years ago? A thousand years ago? Ten thousand years ago? The unchanging moon has been there, looking down on us and it is no wonder how they might have interpreted as a deity. No matter the changes it goes through throughout the year, the moon is still there watching over us as we transform from the primitive hunter gatherer societies to the modern humans striving to build our buildings closer and closer to its face. So next time you’re lucky enough to see the beautiful face of the moon say hello, enjoy the beauty of the cosmos and let yourself smile for a bit. Forget your problems for a second and appreciate the simple beauty that has hidden itself in plain view for all to see.

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