My Dog, My Son

So if you were unaware, National Dog Day is August 26th. So many people upload pictures and/or videos of their dogs on social media in celebration of our furry companions. What people without dogs or cat people fail to realize is that dogs are people. Okay don’t abandon me yet. Hear me out first. Dogs are people. Spending time with your dog and actually paying attention to them will prove that they are not only smarter than they let on but they find ways to communicate with you! No I’m not saying that you will become Dr. Doolittle but they have their ways of letting you know what they think or feel!


Thadeus is my 5 year old yorkie. He’s a Virgo. His birthday is in September. Like a Virgo, he likes to be clean and dry. He often cleans his toys out of his doggie beds so that he can lie down in a nice and clean area. He will spend hours grooming himself like a cat if he thought he was dirty or wet. When he gets hungry or thirsty he will come up to me and smack his lips. If I’m eating or drinking something and he wants it, he will look at my food/drink, look at me, and then smack his lips. If he has to go outside he either rings the jingle bell hanging from the front door or makes an airy cry.

He doesn’t like me leaving so every time I leave the house he makes a disaster for me to find when I get back. For a couple of weeks there I would take him out to use the bathroom before I left and he would only use enough to mark his territory. Why you ask? So he could make a disaster to let me know he didn’t like being left in the house alone! Talk about a hot mess! He hadn’t done that stuff in years and he knows better than to use the bathroom in the house. One day I kept waking him up on my bed and when I left the room he peed on my bed. Let’s just say that was the last time I let him on my bed while I slept. Took me forever and 2 deep cleaning machines before I could make things right again! When I try to push him off my bed now, he flings his body back in protest so I can’t put him down.


For being 5, he still acts like a puppy and loves to play. So when he wants to play he brings me a toy, sets it down, looks at it, and then looks at me. Again and again until I pick the toy up or he gives up. If he wants to get my attention he squeaks it or does something he knows I don’t like so I will look at him. What a brat . . . he does that all day. Play time for him is all day, and used to be all night before he got the hang of sleeping in his dog bed.


One day we went for a walk, while on that walk we came upon a snake in the grass! Like a real snake! It was a little longer than 3 feet. I believe it was a red stripe ribbon snake. Non-venomous but I jumped back like 3 feet! Thadeus could sense that I was scared too so he also jumped back. Then as if he tried to recover his sense of pride he gave out two barks in the direction of the snake. He didn’t sound very confident in his bark. It was pretty hilarious. Every day since then, he’s been dragging me back to that spot where the snake was so he could investigate. Not literally dragging me because he’s only 11 pounds but he definitely makes the effort with all his might!

I have another story of when Thadeus became a dad for the first time but I will save that for another time . . .


Those are just some of the ways my dog communicates his wants or needs with me. Sounds a lot like the actions of a child, right? He’s such a person. So next time you are hanging out with your dog or hanging out with a friends dog, see if you can spot their ways of communication and their personality traits!

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