Surviving The Pit!

Okay so there are a few different people you find at a concert. Some like to sit in the back and chill. They are just there for the live music and the vibe of a good show. Some like to sit close so they can see their favorite artists perform while they sit back and enjoy the show. Then there are the people, who like me, like to be in the pit. Now the pit can be a vicious thing. Best case scenario, a crowd of people who are jamming, wore case scenario, a mob waiting to break out into a mosh pit where the moshing is actual violence. Mosh pits are a whole creature of their own. Not everyone is meant to be in the mosh pit. I’m one of those people that are not. As soon as someone runs into me or steps on my foot . . . GRRR . . . Since now I have so much experience in the pit I will give you the instructions on how to survive, get a good view and make it until the end of the concert. Before I begin let me tell you one thing, this is only for people who are there for the show. Some people like to go for the experience and drink which is fine. I’m telling you how to win the marathon which is how to be prepared to see the entire concert from the pit with success!


  • Rule number one: GET THERE EARLY! By early I mean earlier than you think early is! Why because the normal early is when EVERYONE is going to get there and you will have a more difficult time of getting to the front of the pit.
  • Rule number two: Wear comfortable shoes! We all like to look cute, especially the ladies but remember there are no chair in the pit and the worst feeling is the feeling of standing in a crowd for 5 hours with some terribly uncomfortable shoes!!!
  • Rule number three: Be prepared! So have with you a portable charger, a bottle of water, and maybe a snack. You are going to be in there for a while. Once you leave there’s no guarantee that you can make it back. If you are standing by me, once you move you have forfeited your position. This is real life. You don’t get your spot back in a crowd.
  • Rule number four: Don’t drink alcohol! Wait until after the concert if you intend on staying in the pit. Like I said, there’s no guarantee that you will get back and once you break the seal . . . you will be making restroom journeys every 5 minutes! That being said, don’t drink 5 gallons of water for that same reason.
  • Rule number five: It’s hot. Like sweaty people hot. You need to keep hydrated! So make sure you drink enough so you don’t pass out from dehydration. Another reason not to drink alcohol!
  • Rule number six: Keep it moving. What I mean by that is DO NOT LOCK YOUR LEGS! Keeps bending your knees sporadically and shaking your legs out. When you lock your knees, you are bound to not only hurt your knees but FAINT, which is obviously going to forfeit your whole concert experience!!!
  • Rule number seven: Stay focused. YOU ARE THERE TO SEE A CONCERT! So while you are in the pit there are going to be hella rude, hella pushy people and you have to keep a level head and shake them occurrences off! Fighting will definitely forfeit your position and you will miss the concert.
  • Rule number eight: Stand firm! You are occupying the space you are in and you need to believe that! Don’t let people run over you because they definitely will!
  • Rule number nine: Where there is a gap, there is a way! I’m like a chess player. Not in real life but in a pit. I mentally play out how to get to the front in my mind and plan for the quickest way to the front. If you can envision it, it will happen! Remember not everyone is as prepared as you are and they WILL PASS OUT AND/OR LEAVE. Like I said, not everyone is meant to function in the pit. It’s just not something everyone is cut out for. Now in regards to planning the quickest way you have to take in account not only distance but the people in the crowd, groups/group sizes, couples, stamina/endurance, stage position, position of the artists on the stage, etc.
  • Rule number ten: Be flexible! Anything can happen so it’s important to be able to adapt and be able to adapt any strategy at the drop of a dime!


Most importantly have fun! Like I said, the pit can get pretty vicious and not every wants to deal with it or can handle it so it’s important to be where you can get the most out of your concert experience!



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