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One of the scariest things these days has been to update your phone. No one is quite sure what the outcome of an update may be. On the one hand you may have your phone debugged and no longer have those minor issues to deal with. On the other hand, your phone might shut down or rearrange itself or start having new issues! Who knows? All we know is that as humans, we get so used to having our phones and software a certain way that when it comes time to change it we become obstinate. No one likes change. Some people are just more equipped to deal with it than others. Then there’s the whole learning process that just seems harder to deal with after a person has reached a certain age. With technology moving as quick as it is, things are becoming obsolete almost as soon as the product leaves the shelf!

Just to give you an example of how fast things are moving along let’s take a look at the span of human history. Just within last two hundred years did the inventions of the automobile, locomotives, airplanes, telephones, radio, and television were created. In the age of the baby boomers, who were born 1946-1964, the world has been completely remodeled. Televisions went from black and white to not just technicolor but HD! The screens aren’t even made with tubes anymore because we have advanced so much in technology. Then computers which when first created encompassed a whole room can now fit in the space of your pants pockets. You can watch television anywhere, anytime. Then not only do we have an astronomical amount of channels these days and lost the bunny ears, but we even have Netflix/Hulu to stream media. The music back then were played on records. Little kids don’t even know what records are! In my life-time alone I saw the advancement from the A-track to the cassette to the CD and now everything is digital. When’s the last time you went to FYE to buy a CD? Whoa do you know what an FYE is? (For Your Entertainment, a store that sold movies and music). Now we don’t even get hard copies of music. Everything is up in the cloud. Now try explaining to an elderly person what a cloud is! Can you imagine the world we will live in next year? 5 years from now?

The only thing we can possibly do to keep up with the times is to not let ourselves get bogged down by the fear of new things. We can’t keep that from getting new devices or learning about how the new systems work. Everyone rejects changes at first, trust me I still refuse to get the new windows, but still it’s just like when you first learned to ride a bike for the first time. Scary at first but I bet once you got the hang of it, no one was able to pry you off of it! If you need to learn about some new technology don’t be scared to reach out and take a class about it! Also keep in mind that google and youtube can come in handy if you have problems troubleshooting and figuring some of these new things out! In fact I challenge you to go and learn about something new that you have always wanted to learn! Find out something new you can do with the things you have now and then tell us about it! Share your stories in the comments below!

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