Best Etouffee in Real Life!


Jeanerette, LA, located about an hour south of Lafayette. It is the home of the restaurant called “Yellow Bowl”. The restaurant is a local favorite and has been in business since 1927. When I first saw the building it looked like somewhere that you could go get some good home-cooked meals. How right I was! The staff was very friendly and the place has a very homey atmosphere. Definitely a great place to enjoy meals with your family, friends and loved ones. Price wise the dinners range from $11-50 but the serving sizes are decent and definitely worth it.

So I went and had some crawfish étouffée. Now this is one of my most favorite Creole/Cajun foods and it’s usually my go-to-meal that I always get which help me determine whether a restaurant is good or not. It was so good I had it TWICE. For those of you who aren’t hip to Cajun or Creole food, an étouffée is a smothered gravy-like sauce that usually contains some type shellfish that is served over rice. I’ve had some pretty good étouffée in my day, the prior best in New Orleans. Well Yellow Bowl by far has blown every restaurant way out the water! I felt like I was eating at someone’s grandma’s house. It was so full of flavor but not over season. Like Goldilocks and the three bears, I had found the right bowl!


For dessert I ate their bread pudding which was covered in home-made caramel. The only phrase that comes to mind is this, “Sinfully delicious!”. I mean I had no room in my stomach, but you better believe I found the room and strength to devour all of it. I had to restrain myself from licking the bowl clean!


The second time for dessert I had the Mississippi mud pie with pecan crust which I was already prepared to devour after my meal!


So yes, if you are anywhere near Jeanerette and you pass up this foodie heaven, you are seriously going to miss out!

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