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The other day I randomly stumbled across a show called “Botched”. It was about women who had had plastic surgeries that ended horrifically. Now I personally wouldn’t ever get a procedure done unless it was for reconstructive surgeries from an accident but that’s just me. Flaws make us different. I’m sure if there was a 100% guarantee for the success of the work and for my content with the results it may sway my resolve. That however is not the case and every procedure whether it’s small or large a risk. People have always been competitive and in this world the drive to have perfect bodies or features is to some an addiction.

In the episode I had watched there was a lady who wasn’t happy with butt so she had had cheek implants so she could have a bigger butt. Well unfortunately the initial surgery was a mess. It was such a mess that the implants weren’t put in properly and the implants were loose enough to flip over! Also the surgeon left her with little flesh to cover the implants so even with the corrective surgery her rear would never go back to looking the same ever again. She explain that she suffered from body dysmorphic disorder which is a person is obsessed with the flaws in their body and never really able to move on. So the doctors in this case refused to do her surgery until she had counseling because they knew she wouldn’t be satisfied with their results and keep getting more and more surgeries. An example of a famous person who had this disorder was the late Joan Rivers.

For some people all they need is a little tweak and then they can really enjoy their life which ultimately is the purpose of plastic surgery. Like another girl I saw on the show had broken her nose so many times that it was disfigured. She had alienated herself away from friends and members of the opposite sex because she felt so self-conscious about her nose, that she wasn’t able let herself relax and enjoy life. Then when she was 18 she got a rhinoplasty and the plastic surgeon botched the job. The doctors on the show fixed it and finally she was able to be the woman she felt she was on the inside.

There are many reasons for people to want to drastically change their appearance. For some, a haircut just isn’t enough. Pay attention to the cautionary tales. Plastic surgery isn’t something you can just randomly get and not all physicians do a good job. You will want to thoroughly research the procedure and the facility before you go under the knife. Also, don’t get something done that you don’t want done. It’s your body not anyone else’s. You are going to live with it every day, not them. What you are doing is permanently altering your body and there might not be a fix if the surgery isn’t done properly or to your satisfaction.

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