Coming Soon… Halloween!

Halloween has become one of those holidays where chicks have decided to dress any kind of way and it’s perfectly acceptable. Why? It’s because we are just wearing costumes! So all year long we are planning this important costume day where we are free to be anything and anyone we want! We have the freedom to express ourselves without judgement and make bold statements with our wardrobe/make-up. My only misgivings are that we aren’t able to collectively do that any other time of the year without people looking at us like we are crazy or indecent. I understand there is a time and place for everything but dang, it is fun to get dress up!


As children I felt like a big perk was the candy which some of you guys still enjoy but as you get older you get the more of a relief it is to take off your adult hat for a day and just have fun. With fun, does require responsibility. So have a designated driver if you decided to go out. Keep in mind just because a girl has a risqué costume it doesn’t mean she’s trying to sleep with someone. Seriously. No means no. Don’t ruin our one free day by being a creep! Everyone be safe out there this weekend! There is a full moon and anything can happen during a full moon! (Wonder where that idea stems from . . . if you know comment below and let us know!) What are you planning on dressing as this Halloween? Comment below!

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