So while I was working out in North Dakota I was introduced to Tinder by a couple of co-workers. Basically Tinder is a game where you swipe someone left or right depending on their photos and profile. Then if you guys match you can talk to each other and so on. So it’s like a speed dating app. Up until recently you could only swipe profiles around 100 miles around you and once you swiped someone they are gone forever unless you guys end up being a match. Now for 14.99 a month you can swipe where ever and go back to someone you had already swiped.

The reason I had gotten it was to see what the random people of North Dakota were like. I had never been in that part of the US so I was curious. There were a lot of pictures of guys hunting or posing with their prey they caught. Not so out of the norm in North Dakota. So I kept the app because I am always traveling around somewhere and I guess my curiosity of people in the surrounding areas keep me swiping.

I will say I never dated anyone off there or anything but I have held random conversations with a few of the people. Some became friends after a while and others I honestly forgot about. Most of us on there I find are really just swiping because we are bored. I’m not really on there looking for anything. I feel like fate drives a major part of my life. If I don’t meet you in real life, well then we were not meant to be. So although I’m not into online dating, I will offer my suggestions and tips to those who are actively on the search for their mates online or via dating apps.

Tips for pics:

  1. Put a good pic of your face first.
  1. Don’t post all group pics, this is not Where’s Waldo
  1. Try not to post the pics with your hot friends . . . They are overshadowing you
  1. At least one full body pic
  1. Not everyone wants to see your privates parts

Safety Tips for Online Dates:

  • Meet in a public area
  • Let someone know where you are and who you are meeting
  • Be careful about the information you disclose
  • There are catfishes out there, so if there are too many excuses you may not be talking to who you think you are
  • Sending random people money or gifts you never met or never seen in real life is definitely a big red flag
  • Always be mindful about letting strangers know where you live and being alone with them, not everyone has good intentions

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