Cutting Closure

So when I wait in line, I have to practice the virtue of patience and wait my turn. This is supposed to be another common sense thing that has been passed down which has ceased to be taught. No one is better than anyone else, we are all grumpy in this line and we all have to be patient and wait our turns. Legit kindergarten lessons that people are hugely beginning to disregard. I could cite examples of things that occurred today in which I was in situations where people were rude and thought they could just hop in front of an obvious line of waiting people and go first when they had just gotten there. First of all we are all in a hurry. So their little emergency is not greater than mine because if it was they would need to refer to 911 and go to the hospital. Second, the reason for the line is so that everyone can get what they need in the order of their arrival. So the person who thinks their thirst in the juice line is greater than everyone else’s needs to stop focusing so much on themselves and stand in line like a proper person. Like I said before if they were really dying of dehydration, well maybe waiting in this 7-11 line isn’t the best place for them. Those trying to sit there and cut everyone off are just rude. I have such a small tolerance for rudeness. Common lessons that were taught were the concepts of courtesy, politeness and manners such as excuse me, thank you, sorry, and please. EXCUSE ME but PLEASE people teach those around you that taking the time to learn some manners isn’t a waste of time. You won’t be SORRY. And THANK YOU.

P.S. While you are waiting in line, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE figure out exactly what you want/need so you are prepared when you get to the counter . . . THANKS A BUNCH . . .

End of common sense series though I’m sure there are more.  Examples include

  • Look both ways when crossing the street
  • Keep your belongings close by and within your sight
  • Talking in an appropriate volume while indoors
  • Keeping your shoes on while walking around in the city
  • Not leaving your drink unattended
  • Watching people make your drink so you won’t get drugged and raped
  • Observing your surroundings
  • Knowing where you are located so in the event of an emergency you will be able to get help quickly

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