Careless Caretaker

The fifth in my common sense series is taking care of other people’s things. I don’t know how many times I have seen people lend their items away only to find that the person who had them did not take care of them. You didn’t want to go buy the item yourself and your friend was gracious enough to allow you to take hold of their possession. They expect that when they lend you that item it will come back in the same condition that which it left. Let’s say for example they lend you their IPad. Well if you return it all scratched up because you dropped it and covered in the food particles that you dropped on it, I think it’s safe to say they will be pissed off at you. I was taught that you have to take better care of others peoples things than you take care of your own. So if I lent you Barbie, I better not get Cynthia when your returned it!

The basic virtue behind it is respect. Respect the property of others. If the said property was damaged, the polite and honorably thing to do is offer to repair or fix it. You are responsible for taking good care of the object that was entrusted to you and while in your care an accident occurred. So you apologize and make amends. Why doesn’t everyone know this? Why do people disregard the belongings of others? Another example that could be considered is vandalism. It’s probably something that’s been occurring since people began drawing in caves but when it’s done on other peoples belongings not only is it incredible disrespectful, it’s also going to cost them to have it removed. Why should you care? It all goes back to the golden rule. People these days are so entangled with themselves that the concept of compassion and the consideration for those around them are becoming obsolete. We all have to live together on this earth and if we all disregarded the respect of others and their property what would ensue would be pure chaos.

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