Army Brat Life: The Curse That Never Ended!

Are you a military brat (one of your parents is in the military and you move around a lot)? Well if you are then you are well aware of the “curse” on us. Am I talking about some strange voodoo that some witch has put on you, probably not. I am talking about the love curse. As it would seem my whole entire life, as soon as I would find someone I liked or really clicked with then we would find out that one of us has to move. Seriously, all the time, it never fails. It never mattered if the person was a soldier, a civilian or a child (when I too was a child back in the day). Just as soon as we would fall in love with each other, it was time for one of us to depart. So what do we do with the pieces of our heart that keep getting transported away from us? Not every encounter is the one we should just try to stay together, especially not if you had just met them. Then I don’t know about you, but I’m not trying to have a long distance relationship. Relationships get so complicated anyway when you are both in a 10 mile radius, put some distance between the couple and watch the smallest complications grow exponentially. You would think that after becoming an adult that this “curse” would disappear but alas . . . it is still prominent in my life. For real. *Le Sigh* Now I’m at a point where I don’t even want a relationship. Why when it seems inevitable that one of us is bound to be sent to live half-way around the world? I know this is not my usual positive attitude on life but it’s the truth. So I guess I’m just chilling around until the time is right because apparently, it’s not going to be anytime soon. I just have to be okay with that.

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