Only Girl in the World


You know I think Rihanna was right on one thing. Well a few things but most importantly, in the song “Only Girl (In The World)”, the message is that women want to feel like they are the only one in her man’s life. Easy, right? Wrong. So often women are dissatisfied with their relationships and most of the time it is due to them feeling underappreciated or neglected. We want to feel special. We want to feel love. We want to know that we are safe in the arms of those we love. For something that sounds soooo simple, it’s often so complex as it usually is with the human emotions.

What men fail to understand is that a little bit usually goes a long way. That means that the little considerate things they can do can often prevent us from being angry later. Not seeing what I mean? Have you ever come home to an angry spouse or girlfriend? Well what did you do or what didn’t you do? Did you forget some plans you guys had made? Did you send a text when you were going to be late? Etc.

I find that most arguments come from lack of communication or understanding. So although you aren’t meaning to appear thoughtless and inconsiderate . . . because those obviously weren’t your intentions . . . that is how she perceives it. So if we can text you that we will be late or write down the dates or remember the things that are important to you, we expect the same thing in return. Keep the lines of communications open with your special lady. Make her feel like she is an integral part of your life. Find ways to make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world. Keep in mind that not every woman wants flowers and a box of chocolates. Tailor your gifts to your partner. Putting in that time to figure out that interest is half of the work. Though if she’s worth it, then she’s worth the effort.

Ladies, what are some things guys do to make you feel special? What are some great ideas we can help these guys on? Comment below! Let them know!

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