What Kind Of Sports Fan Are You?

What is a fan? A fan is literally, “is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or somebody, such as a band, a sports team, a book or entertainer.” That being said not everyone is the same kind of “fan”. There are basically four different types of fans out there.

Seasonal Fans are only found during the season and only when their team is doing well. These are the people you didn’t even know liked the team/sport all year. They don’t own much paraphernalia and they might not even have a jersey.

Bandwagon Fans you can find every year flocking on the train of whoever is winning. They are the fickle fans who will cheer hard while the going is good but as soon as the tides turn their loyalties change to the next team coming up on the horizon. I.E., all the random Seahawk fans that popped up AFTER they won the Super bowl.

Individual Player Fans, as the name implies, are the people who just like certain players and root for whichever team currently has the said players on there. I.E., NFL Michael Vick fans only liked and cheered for the Philadelphia Eagles while he was a member of the team.

-Last but definitely not least are the Diehard Fans. They have more than one jersey and all year round you know exactly which team they root for. They wear the colors of their team whether they are having a winning season or not. Loyal to the last second of every last game of every season, these fans don’t change their colors for anyone.

So which kind of fan are you? Comment your teams and which fan you think you are!

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