Books Ahoy!

With all the new technology out there we are losing an art form in our society. Writing is becoming lost in the folds. Books are becoming outdated and reading is called cumbersome. People want the gratification of knowing a story without the understanding and patience it takes to devour a good book. The youth is growing up with the preference to watch books that have been made “Hollywood” friendly, excessively oversexed/violent/void of meaning, which takes away from the original work. There have been some really good movies made from books which I can surely appreciate but there’s nothing like opening the fresh pages of a novel and becoming so entranced in the story that I lose myself for a little while in the story.

The art of fiction, which is often unappreciative by non-readers, is useful in the portrayal of life as it is, or as it could be. I have heard from more than one person that reading something that is not exactly a true story a waste of time. I think that is ridiculous. There are often important messages and symbolisms in fiction that often hit the truth more than that of nonfiction. If non-fiction is the canvas then fiction paints the picture of truth and gives life to facts. Some of my most favorite books are the ones that give life to the historical figures we read about in our textbooks. Examples of great historical fiction authors are Mariam Zimmer-Bradley (my all-time favorite author) and Margaret George (another favorite). Giving life to the truth is truly an art, and to literally put myself in the shoes of others via a book has definitely made me a hundred times better as a person. Exploring the ways different people are, think and feel is somewhere a good book can go.

So enjoy my blog, enjoy your movies, but once in a while take some time to explore the feel of the pages of a book and take a mental vacation in a different world.

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