Live Long and Prosper My Trekkies!

When I was 16, I went to visit my grandma in South Korea. During the day while she was at work, I would flip through the channels and find something to watch. One of the few television shows that was in English was Star Trek Voyager. Before this I had always thought of myself as being way too cool to watch Star Trek but after the first episode I actually found that I enjoyed it immensely! So much so that every day I had developed a schedule: Random Korean shows, maybe some random Korean music videos, jeopardy, and then Voyager. I would forget about Star Trek after I returned to the US until the invention of . . . NETFLIX! Then I spent the next few months in a Star Trek marathon. I watched all of Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Next Generation, and Enterprise. I couldn’t really get into the original Star Trek but I at least tried watching until about episode 11 of season 1, so I gave it the ol’ college try as they like to say. What appeals to me about Star Trek is the exploration, endless possibilities, comradery between the crew members, and the idea that the technologies such as the holodecks, rooms that can create entire worlds using hologram technology, could in fact one day exist. It’s quite fascinating to imagine the idea of the Earth one day having the technology to explore our own galaxy and interact with the other aliens or having human colonies out there. Though it may sound far-fetched to us here in 2015, about 100 years ago the concept that we would be flying around in airplanes around the world on a daily basis or the concept of any computer technology was something completely foreign. So lose yourself, no judgment and go watch a couple of episodes before you dismiss what has become an awesome media franchise about the Earth’s space exploration.

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