Fat Free Parks

One of the things I noticed in South Korea was that located in the parks was access to several free exercise equipment. Just about every park has the equipment and there are several parks located within a square mile, even in the cities. There are also several hiking paths, walking trails and mountains to climb. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, people find the time to stroll and get a quick work out in. I think we should incorporate the idea of having parks with access to this equipment. I know I went to one randomly in Kansas City and it was great. I took a couple laps on the track and then hit up a couple of the abdominal machines. Most parks here in America are centered on the playground and play areas for children. Of course there are the picnic tables and sports venues but I believe with more parks and access to these exercise equipments we may see improvement with the health of our people. A lot of people here are not able to access a gym, or even a health care facility for that matter, and with an economy so driven by the ideals of capitalism we lose the balance between making money and the health of people. So if this little bit can assist those who contribute to making this great capitalism work, we can stop being the most obese country and assist those who are yearning for access to fitness equipment that were previously unattainable.

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