The Hub–People Watching At Its Finest

Ever since before I can remember I was an avid traveler. It comes with the territory of being an army brat. One of my favorite past times is people watching and one of the best places to do so is the airport. Essentially the airport is a fascinating place. Just think about it for a second. Where else can you find so many random people from so many random places in one place at the same time? The only thing any of these millions of travelers all over the world have in common is that they are all in the airport. Some are coming, some are going, some are working, etc. I often sit around while I’m waiting for my flight and imagine what everyone’s life is like. The lady working at the food court is the mother of three, her husband works somewhere in town and she can’t wait until she gets home. The man in the suit is on his way back early from a business conference in Japan and on his way to New York where his mistress lives. The new flight attendant is excited about her new occupation and eager to explore during her lay-over. You, meanwhile, are on your way to visit your family or going on some epic vacation. Everyone there is coming together to wait in the long security lines and sterile terminals for either the beginning or the end of their trips/work day, although there are minimal interactions and encounters. Completely separate, but together. How fascinating. Other examples would be the mall, the store, the train station, etc. I’m not sure if other people sit around wondering about the people they people watch, but it’s definitely something to try. Nine times out of ten you will probably never see these people again in your life, or maybe you will . . . the world is small as they say . . . so see you around!

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