Pandas Don’t Want Hugs and Tigers Don’t Need Catnip

I was watching When Animals Attack the other day and it really baffled me how people would want to treat wild animals like pets. News flash–we call them wild animals for a reason! They dont want to be petted, fed, and cuddled. Seriously, it’s just a matter of time before they revert back to their natural behavior and maul someone.

On the show there was a lady who had a pet Chimpanzee. Now although chimps are relatively related to us, they are not humans. They may display “human-like” behaviors but they are automous beings that will behave quite violently when THEY feel like it. Which was ultimately the case in the scenario they were re-telling on the show. The lady had had that same chimpanzee for years but one day while her friend had come to visit the chimpanzee decided it didn’t like her face and ripped it off! She called 911 and they came to her house and had to shoot the chimpanzee. Not fair to the chimp who had no business living in the woman’s house and should’ve been living out in the wild in it’s natural habitat.

Another story i saw was a man who owned a bunch of tigers. Well he loved his tigers so much and they were docile, notice i chose the word docile, for so long he would go into their enclosure and lay with them. Well it was only a matter of time before one of the tigers would maul him. Apparently, one of the tigers had had babies and while he was in the enclosure, he was mauled to death. His family found him hours later dead inside the enclosure.


For the record, btw (by the way), pandas, although cute while sitting their chewing on their bamboo sticks, are BEARS. They dont want hugs and love because they are bears and they will bite your face off. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people on the news that were at the zoo who decided to climb into the panda exhibit to give them a hug. Okay people, this is really a commonsense thing. If the animals were meant to be petted, they would not be behind bars or inside enclosures. Then just because the animal is “domesticated” doesn’t mean they wouldn’t ever give into their natural instincts. So please be careful and stop trying to make friends with wild aninals that would prefer to have you on their plate for dinner!

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  1. You have made some excellent points here! I have been reading lately about the killer whales at Sea World who, again, appear docile and then suddenly there’s an incident. Very sad reading. 😢

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