The Magic Of The LBD

LBD’s (little black dresses) started out as clothes that were mainly used for mourning. Thanks to designers such as the infamous Coco Chanel, the usage of the LBD has greatly expanded. Now the LBD is a timeless classic essential that should be in EVERY woman’s closet. There’s nothing like a little black dress to make a woman feel beautiful. The design of the dress is usually pretty simple and can be worn to many different occasions.  The magic of the little black dress is that the color makes you look skinny, the fit is often flattering and the mystery of wearing black is liable to catch any man’s eye. The woman in a little black dress is classy, sophisticated and confident. When she walks into the room heads turn and people stop to admire her beauty. Seriously, there should be one in every closet. It can be worn casually, on a date, for special occasions and even holidays. Just about everything will match it. You can easily dress it up or down depending on your accessories and hairstyle. So if you haven’t found yourself a nice elegant little black dress be sure to get one as soon as possible!!!

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