Let the Dogs Roam Alone

There is no room in a relationship for dishonesty. The foundation of a relationship is centered on trust. Once trust is broken rebuilding it is a long hard arduous journey. The amount of energy it takes to cheat and cover your tracks could be spent advancing your life. Then, sitting around running after someone who isn’t trying to be with you . . . why? No one needs the drama of putting up with something like that. If they want to run around and play in the streets let the dogs roam. Why? Because eventually they are bound to leave, come back with a kid, come back with a disease, or string you along for years wasting your time and youth. When I look back at all the time I wasted on someone who didn’t deserve it I honestly still get mad. I’m working on focusing on positivity and the future but I still can’t help but feel some type of way. I don’t want to have any regrets and I know all this is shaping me and leading me up to something that is good and worth it but until then it’s hard not to have any reserves of regret deep inside.


Then in the relationship once you find out about the infidelity . . . this is when a lot of the problems go down. People want to get into fights and get crazy from the betrayal. Now I’m not one to fight over some dude who obviously isn’t worth my time. He can just go. Why jeopardize my life because some guy didn’t have enough respect for me? If he did, he would’ve been loyal or at least let me go when he realized he didn’t want to be with me anymore. As for the other party in the love triangle . . . sometimes they don’t know. If they don’t know, well I can’t penalize her for his dishonesty. However, if she were well aware of me and my relationship and just didn’t care . . . both of them are in the wrong. They are meant for each other and karma has my back. The wrong they do will come for them 3 folds and I won’t have to lift a finger. I will just sit back and watch. I never wish harm on others. Wishing harm and negativity on others will only come back for you. So I just want them to receive what they rightly deserve. If it be happiness, well power to them. I will not lose myself wrapped up in someone else’s negativity. Neither should you.



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