#Kayaking: Rowing for #Summer #Fun!

So in the spirit of summer fun, I have recently met someone who has never gone kayaking. WHAT? Kayaking is super fun. The kayak is similar to the canoe but you are lower in the water and there is only one paddle stick that has a paddle on each end. You can ride tandem, with someone else, or by yourself. If you are riding tandem, they recommend the heaviest person to ride in the back for better weight disposition. The first time I ever went kayaking it was the fourth of July many, many years ago and I was living in Washington State. The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I am notorious for just doing random stuff so while we were going up and down the waterfront on the prowl for food I stumbled upon the kayaks. Immediately I knew that was something I wanted to try! So in the clear, cold Puget Sound I paddled around. I felt such a peace being in the water, feeling the waves rock me gently. It was also a pretty good abdominal muscle work out FYI. The next time in life I got the opportunity to go kayaking was in Hawaii. So beautiful! I was in Kailua Bay which is near the place they filmed great movies such as Jurassic Park. So scenery is on point! Me and one of my best friends rented a kayak and rowed out to this small island which they had converted into a bird sanctuary. It was super cool to see the birds nesting and natural animal life that was living out there in the calm beautiful bay. Lucky birds! This summer hopefully I will be going kayaking again soon because there is nothing like being on the water.

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