Epic #FourthOfJuly #Beach Brawl in #LongBeach #California

Let me start by setting the scene . . .


It was a nice sunny day in SoCal (Southern California) and it was also the Fourth of July. The Pacific was chilly and the sun was beaming brightly in the sky. Things were as they should be. The pale sand felt glorious under my feet and the sweet salt air of the ocean was energizing. Life couldn’t get any better in this marvelous moment. Well it could’ve used a nice piña colada and a half naked doting Drake lying next to me on the sand but hey, that’s a story for a whole another kind of blog. Anyways, I was just lying on my stomach, minding my own business when this dark haired curly young boy ran up to me. He was pretty excited about life and you could tell he hadn’t been out much. I politely said hello to him but I didn’t want some youngin’ jumping around in my face so turned away and he went back down to his towel. No offense to him but I was there to relax! For the time being life was back to being peaceful on the beach but not for long.

Apparently the young dark curly haired kid was back at it again. Pestering everyone on the beach and causing a general ruckus. Well this time he had annoyed the wrong people. It was a group of four guys, all of whom were pretty big. They had had enough of him and began to chase him around! He ran here, and he ran there trying to get away from his chasers. His eyes were wild as he looked around for a way to get out of this mess he had created. He ran back to me with pleading eyes, still dripping wet from the ocean. Right behind him on his heels was the pack of guys ready to teach this young pup a lesson. They all surrounded my towel putting me between them and the poor curly haired guy. I felt helpless on my stomach as I had inadvertently become the ground zero for this ultimate beach beat down. My little homie I was with jumped up to try to let them all know they were in the wrong area for this foolishness. The little girl he had met on the beach proved to be down as she hopped up as well ready to have my back in defending my beach turf. Talk about rough in them streets Cali! So as the tension escalated I was trying to calm the situation which was a task considering I was still lying on my stomach.

Just when it seemed things were about to erupt into a complete frenzy, everyone’s owners came and grabbed them all up. Right in the nick of time! Whew! That curly haired labradoodle was only seconds away from getting mauled by a St. Bernard, a lab, a German Shepard, and a mutt! Thankfully everyone was vigilant of their pets and came to my rescue because somehow my beach towel was the mutual ground they were all going to brawl on. Moral of the story is that young dog was only 7 months and he was too young to be unleashed on the beach. He had yet developed the discipline and dog social skills to be able to roam around on his own. My dog is about to be 5 and as it was his first time at the beach I knew I had to keep him leashed so he could learn how to properly behave on the beach and with the plentitude of other dogs out there. Surprisingly he was well behaved and although the ocean was too cold for him, he thoroughly enjoyed running around the sand and meeting all his little new friends. So my fellow dog owners if you find yourself in Long Beach, California you might want to check out Rosie’s Dog Beach! Just be sure to bring your baggies so you can clean up after your pooch and keep the beach clean for everyone!

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