Prep. Plan. FAIL . . .

Preparation is key. Sometimes. A lot of the time. Many events require planning. In fact a good plan is essential in many situations. Now I’m known to be pretty spontaneous but there are some events that need to be planned in advance. Things that would be cheaper if bought sooner, travelling abroad would need advance notice and reservations need to be made to ensure a seat for a fun time. Unfortunately, all the planning I have tried to do for the past . . . feels like forever . . . has not gone anywhere near planned. I rarely find others to commit, become active in the plans, or are even able to do the things that I would like. Talk about frustrating. The events range from weekend plans to holidays. It just seems that they never come to fruition. Then when I do get a half-assed thing going, everyone complains and wishes that things were better. So we could all sit around and wish for things to be better or life to have more fulfillment out of it but seriously . . . that philosophy will only have you waking up years later looking back on all the things you wish you would’ve done or things you put off to do later only to find 20 years have passed. Be proactive in your life. You only get one. Although I realize that I’m just going to have to find more like-minded people to hang out with in the future, that’s not going to stop me from going where I want and experiencing life. Even if I have to do it alone.


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