#HumbleBeginnings: Student of #life

As a student of life I realized that anything and everything is a teacher. You can literally learn so much from everyone and every encounter you experience in your day to day life. There’s an art to observation and that’s only half of the process. The other half is the analysis on the things you have taken in with all of your senses. Once you have fully processed you can then begin to theorize and develop complete thoughts and ultimately lessons from the sum of it all. When we are young we believe we know everything. Then as children we begin to think we know nothing. Then again the older we get, we begin again to think we have learned all we can from life. Well if that is the case for you then your progress as a person has ended. You will be stagnant in your life and your position. Congratulations, I hope you are happy and content.


If that is indeed the case well I don’t know how you are going to cope with change because life is viscous. Like the flow of a river, it changes over time and distance; some parts of the river are deep and flow slow, some parts are rocky and some parts run quickly and are shallow. The cutting away at the banks will erode the sides and ultimately change the shape and route of the river. In that simple example, we have learned about the flow of life. Have you ever been near a pond or stagnant body of water? If you haven’t, you might want to get out more. The pond water is murky. There are many living organisms, bacteria, and parasites in the water. You wouldn’t want to drink out there because you would probably get really sick. The water because of the bacteria will not have a pleasant smell. That is what you become without a fresh flow of energy and ability to adapt to change.


Like I already stated, every part of everyday can be a learning activity. The most profound thoughts can come from the most unexpected places. Never think that you are too good or old or prestigious that you are unable to learn from anyone. We tend to discount everything that children say, and face it they talk a lot, but sometimes they say the simplest things that we tend to forget in our complicated lives that we have long forgotten or ignored. So I encourage you to be more attentive in your life. Learn as much as you can about everything you can. Some things you may need to learn more than once or in different ways. Some things you may have learned wrong and need to correct it. Doesn’t matter. Become a student of life and watch how doors for you begin to open. Opportunities will manifest and the new experiences you discover will truly enrich your time here on this planet.

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