The Power of a #Smile

So I today I worked in my new job/career that required me to smile and talk to people ALL DAY LONG. As an archaeologist I didn’t have to do any of that before. I just showed up at the crack of dawn, went out into the field, dug my holes and honestly you could work 12 hours not talking. I was a bit skeptical of my endurance to be polite and friendly but surprisingly I was quite optimistic! I managed to stay upbeat all day and even when the day slowed down, I was positive and still smiling. What I attribute to that is not only my great attitude but more importantly the muscle memory of my face. The physical memory of your face remembers that when it smiles, it’s happy. So literally when you physically smile, you can’t help but cheer up! Seriously! I’m not even one of those super cheerful people! Like mornings are one of the worst inventions ever and there are just some days I put my phone on airplane mode so I can hibernate! So if I can turn my frown upside down and try smiling to see to my mood lifts . . . YOU CAN TOO! Make a note of it. If today you start feeling frustrated or down, try smiling and counting to ten. You may have to do this a few times but at the end of it you should feel a lot better than before!!!

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