#MOE #MoneyOverEverything

As a kids we learned MOB. Money over bitches. Easy, all day. I don’t spend money on men. Especially if he’s not my boyfriend and we aren’t in any joint ventures! Last time I check, it was hail to the v, not the d. Don’t care. Then Drake switched it up to MOE. Money over everything. That’s where I am in life. I have come to a point in life where I have to be hungry. I have to develop a sense of urgency. I have to grind! That means my social life is definitely going to take a hit . . . and right in the middle of the first summer I haven’t been on the road! DANG. However at the end of the road is such an opportunity that I really have to adjust on my priorities. I barely even have time to schedule yoga!

If aliens were to take a gander at our lives here on Earth they would be perplexed. Millions of these creatures that value inanimate objects that essentially have no value. Money is a made up system of measuring wealth, gold. Before we created commerce we used to barter. Barter for objects, labor, marriage, etc. Now it is what makes the world go round. People are judged by what they do for it, how much of it they have, and how they spend it. Social media seems to only have made us more materialistic making the need for people to “stunt” or showcase their things.

Now I’m not sitting here from a pedestal. I like stuff. I like to go places. I want security like everyone else. What are you willing to do for it though? What sacrifices can you make and for how long? How driven are you to obtain what you want? Will you keep a code of moral ethics in the journey to the finish line? Can you grind alone or do you need constant pushing from outside sources?

Bottom line is that hard work will pay off. Whether it’s in the way you want it to or not. Working hard and working smart. So dream big and grind hard my friends! See you guys on the other side!

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