Zero to Idiocracy, Real Quick!

Have you seen Idiocracy? Well if not, then you should! The first time I saw it I thought it was hilarious. Then life happened and I realized what I thought was a comedy, was actually a satire. The movie that was based on fiction is becoming closer and closer to real life. That should scare you! The premise of the movie is that it is set in the future. The average Joe of today was cryogenically frozen for an army experiment only to be awakened in the future. Unlike the imaginary world of the cartoon, Futurama, instead of waking up in a technologically advance era of robots and the dreams of science fiction worlds such as Star Trek, the world has become a shambles. Intelligence has been bred out of humans. At one point in our history it was survival of the fittest, well if the fittest aren’t having any children, they eventually will exist no more. So in that world when the young and dumb have been procreating like crazy, the garbage has overflowed the cities and the common sense has become obsolete. ATM’s are serving fast food, people don’t even have to leave the couch to use the restroom, and everything in general is a hot mess. So now our average Joe has become the smartest man in the world in that time period.

Today we see this as a trend. The so called “smart” people are waiting to have kids and when they do, it’s only like one or two. Meanwhile, there are some out here having 15 kids with 15 different people and not able to provide for them. Don’t believe me? Go watch Maury, Jerry Springer, etc. Yes those shows still come on television! If we lose focus on the common beliefs we used to hold as a species, i.e., healthy eating, clean living, family bonds, and figuring out ways to make things better in harmony with nature, that pretend world in the movie is exactly where we are heading! We cannot let the ratchet rule the world. I’m not sure where we began to fall off in society but we are focused on the wrong things. We need to do better. I need to do better too. That way we can provide the tools that the youth will need to create a future we could be proud of looking at from our senior citizens televisions of our resort rooms.

How can we accomplish that? Well I’m glad you asked. One person can’t be expected to fix or solve all of our problems. It will take all of us to pitch in in order for change to occur. Some little things we can do in the meantime are:

  • Recycle, all these garbage dumps that are filled with non-biodegradable items are not a solution for long term garbage disposal. That was how that problem began. The idea that we just put aside the trash for others to deal with in the future is not a good idea. We have a limited amount of space on Earth.
  • Don’t litter. Littering can have direct effects on the wildlife and nature of this world. The things we have are not a renewable source. I.E., once all the elephants are gone. They are gone. There’s not redo or reset button to bring back what we have destroyed.
  • Eat healthy. Supply and demand dictates that if we all bought healthier food choices not only would the prices go down but the unhealthy food would become a thing of the past. Why? Because manufacturers and suppliers won’t make the obscene amounts of money they are currently making off of us all and go bankrupt.
  • C is for condom! This day and age you can go get free condoms at the free clinics near you. So go do that. Be responsible.
  • If you do have children, totally fine, but teach them the values that will make them better people. I.E., responsibility, respect, honor, dignity, honestly, etc. Take time to spend family time with them. The television or social media or tablets/phones, etc are not parents. You are the first person that teaches your child social skills, so take the time to make sure you give them the good influences or have good influences around them.
  • Take the time to invest in your own education. I hate that when people say that, people assume they mean go to law school and medical school. I know that’s not everyone’s path. It wasn’t mine. Everyone has an interest so go to school for what you like to do! It can only hone the skills you already have or give you other skillsets you didn’t know you had. Then since it interests you, you will be motivated to go. So go do you!
  • EXERCISE. Seriously. For your own health purposes. Now that doesn’t mean run for everyone. Find an activity you like, that way you are more likely to stick to it! I prefer yoga, taking a hike, rollerblading, playing a sport, dancing, swimming, etc.
  • Accept the differences between you and others. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What floats your boat may not float the boat of another.

Now don’t get me started on the government or world politics. HOT MESS. I will say though if we can take better care of our people who are not ranked very high in the world for things that are important, such as literacy or math, we can be more equipped to create offspring that are more prepared to deal with the messes of our past and present.

Change happens in ripples. When you throw a stone into a pond you will notice the rings closest to the epicenter of where the rock impacted the surface are smaller than the ones further away. So while you think the small personal/familial choices you are making aren’t making much of a difference. Take a step back and see the people’s lives around you who you are positively influencing and inspiring. Those same people are making an effect on their peers and so on . . . . Be the change. Live in the present and consciously make choices that creates a better tomorrow for you and those around you.

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