Becoming Le Rae: Dear Sir, It’s Okay To Cry



There is a stigma in society that doesn’t allow men to be emotional or display any emotion because they assume that an emotional man is a weak man. So when is it an appropriate time for men to digest and release their feelings? Well if you ask me it’s not within the first couple of months of dating or getting to know anyone but I am not one for emotions… lol… Any ways lately it would seem that these men are finding me and my healing energy and wanting to be comforted. Way above my pay grade BTW but if you wanna pay me, it will be $250 an hour upfront in cash only. Feel free to set an appointment. After I kept having all these broken men talking to me about their woes and life stories in most cases on the first or second date I felt like I should probably say something.


Men you are allowed to have feelings. Having feelings and dealing with your past is a part of life. There is no reason to be ashamed of this and anyone who in your life that does not approve do not have your best interests in heart. Essentially we are all human and no matter how badly you want to be a “warrior” on the outside, apart of life is conquering the warrior on the inside. If you do not deal with your feelings then you are more likely to have these random outbursts with a girl like me who is overwhelmed because they literally just met you. Now a part of dealing with your feelings may be crying which serves as a good release. Now I’m not telling you to go bawling to your friends but if you feel you need to cry, then cry. I’m a fan of keeping a journal to have an outlet to unleash not only feelings but most of the time that’s a great way to uncover the how and why behind the rush of emotions. Physical activity is a good place to release some of the angst as well as any arts or meditation. You just have to find which one is right for you. I love music and singing when I’m upset. A good session can change my mood back dramatically. I know a lot of my friends who like to write lyrics or paint when they are upset. Regardless of what method you choose, you should have an outlet. You are not a robot and it’s okay to have feelings.


I get life is hard sometimes and there’s often a lot of pressure on a man to be successful and also fit into the rigid roles of what society has determined that a man should be like. You might have people that will tell you what you should be, wear, do, say, etc. At the end of the day that is something you have to figure out for yourself. Not everyone is going to appreciate what you do or who you are but you aren’t living for them. You are here for you…and for many of you now your kids. You will have a lot more to offer of yourself with a more stable mental and emotional state so it’s up to you guys to take care of yourself. Take yourself to the hospital if you are sick and if you need a moment to go sit and deal with your feelings…By all means that what you should do. We love you guys so please take better care of yourselves.

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