Keep Calm and Stay Rage Free

Anger management 101


 Because even if you aren’t a rage machine, you might be suppressing it. Suppressions build up over time until KABOOM! It’s Mount Vesuvius all over again and everything in your path is destroyed. So as a follow up to my road rage blog, The Raging and Reckless, I am going to give you guys some tips for keeping calm! Tips I intend on following as well!

  • Step away from the situation. Go get some air and find a distraction. That way you can come back to the situation with more stable emotions.
  • Take deep breaths. Cliché but it works. That’s why most people feel relaxed when they smoke. Though I really discourage smoking due to the lung cancer, emphysema and all the other health problems you can develop.
  • Go exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which make you happy. So go take a walk, run, yoga, kickboxing, etc. Another plus, is that you can lose weight and anger at the same time.
  • Put yourself in the others person’s shoes. Finding understanding can alleviate some of that anger because now you understand the why the situation may have occurred.
  • Write it out. In my worst furies I like to vent on paper about it. Then for the important part, throw that paper away! Shred it, whatever. Just get rid of it. It reminds me of the family guy when they all vent about each other but one person actually delivered the notes. The chaos and hurt feelings resulted in a hot mess of violence. So let’s not let these rash emotional outbursts ruin our relationships!
  • Seek counseling. Talking to a trained professional for their objective third party views can not only provide you guidance but it’s a safe space in which you can release the issues you have going on.
  • I like going out to the park or the lake, etc. Somewhere I can be alone with nature and appreciate the simple beauties of life and not think about anything for an hour or so.

Bottom of the line, there are soooo many soothing activities (knitting, coloring, exercise, etc) that you can do to make sure you are able to release your anger so that you can cut down on the rage fests and keep you more sane! Life can be such a trial and there’s no reason to carry around your burdens or take your anger out on the ones who don’t deserve it. So if you have any more soothing suggestions comment below! Let me know what you think!

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