Life After the End of Love

I would love to sit here and spout sonnets to you about the love of my life, feeling loved, and the romantic evenings I spend with my loved one but alas, that is not the case. I wouldn’t even begin to be able to explain love as I have felt it before because it isn’t congruent with my current feelings and to attempt such a task would be an atrocity to the beauty of love. So today I will tell you not of love but the absence of it. HEARTBREAK.

Most of us have experienced it, and if you have been lucky enough to avoid it, well tell us all your secrets! The feeling of a breaking heart to me feels like an elephant is standing on your heart. The weight of the heaviness makes it difficult to move, feel, think, eat, sleep, drink, etc. It can cause you to spontaneously cry or eat or do irrational things. There’s no cure for a broken heart, rather only with the passing of time will you be able to cope with the loss and move on. It would be wise to forgive yourself of all the random crazy things you find yourself doing in this period because there’s no need to make the load of emotion coming down on you harder to bear than it already is.

Of course I could hit you with the “plenty of fish in the sea” saying but I say forget about them fish! You have to focus your efforts on yourself and making yourself a better person. Anyone meant to cross your path will do so at the appropriate time. Things happen for a reason and whenever they are meant to. Sometimes when you force things, that’s when it all epically fails. You awaken 10 years later, married, fat, 15 kids and unhappy with someone who doesn’t know you exist. Know your worth, never settle, and forgive yourself when you waste time with someone who didn’t deserve it. The heartbreak will go away and there’s someone out there for everyone.

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