FOOD for the SOUL

Do you like FOOD COMAS??? How about soul food? Okay so now let’s do the math,

Soul Food + Food Comas = DELICIOUSNESS!!!

So while I was in Dallas I went to this soul food restaurant called Sweet Georgia Brown.  Now before I tell you about the food I have to tell you my quest for soul food.

Now my Dad is from East Texas and he knows how to cook. Yes, he can throw down in the kitchen! I wouldn’t tell him that because he’s always bragging but yeah his food is A1. Anyways, I’m super picky about my soul food. Like for real. So if I go somewhere and the food isn’t better than MINE, or his . . . naw, it’s NOT GOOD. Period. So I went to San Antonio randomly, found this random soul food restaurant called Mr. and Mrs. G’s. Ham hocks were on point! So when I went back to Austin I combed the city for some good soul food. No luck yet so if you know somewhere . . . . PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME!!! Any ways so I came up to Dallas and my dad gave me the addresses of like 5 places, I only got to go to one place. MMMMM . . . Sweet Georgia Brown . . .

Okay now fast forward. I go to Sweet Georgia Brown. So I ordered the rice . . . SMOTHERED in beef tips. For my two sides I got YUMMY yams and real greens that have bits of pork in it. Now REAL soul food is something you eat to feed your soul. Feeding the soul means it’s not that low-carb, low fat heathy stuff. That also means it’s probably a good idea to limit the amount of times you eat it . . . and exercise. It’s well worth running the extra mile for an indulgent meal! The whole time I ate I kept saying, “Mmmmm!” and humming little songs to myself. Portion wise, you get your meal in a to-go box, why? Well there’s literally sooooo much food in it that you WILL NOT FINISH IT! I tried, and then I got a food coma. I almost fell asleep immediately.

I will definitely recommend you to go eat it. Now I will say my dad’s food is better but that was PRETTY DARN CLOSE!!!


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