All Roads Lead To Life

Have you ever played the board game Life? Well the whole point of the game is to go through life and get to retirement which is where the game ends. Once you get there you count up all your money and the player with the most money wins. Now on the board there are a few places where the roads diverge for a little while but they always come back together and end at the same place. One thing I found in my many years of playing is that the key to winning sometimes lies within the “LIFE” tiles you pick up when you land on the life spaces. Those spaces often are a nice life event that gives you great memories, i.e., family picnic, have a baby. So maybe Milton Bradley was on to something there…



If you took the game of life and applied it to REAL life what parallels do you see? Well like the game, all of our lives are heading toward one thing. Death. No matter what roads or avenues you take, you are heading toward death. So along your road you land on all kinds of life events. What you do along the way determines if you “win” at the end of your days. Yes money would be good to have but if you recall the most success I had was when I landed on the memorable life events. So looking back and having those great moments with friends or family, exploring the world, and making the time to cherish the world around us. That’s how you win the game.




Now, not all the tiles you land on are good. As the saying goes, “shit happens”. It happens and there’s not much you can do to prevent it. What you can control is what you do an how you deal with the outcome. When “shit” happens to me I like to think about how that event though it sucks . . . it happens to teach me/others a life lesson and that it’s just a stepping stone toward something good on the horizon. I think about how a week or month or even year later what is troubling me today, won’t matter then. Not sure what I will do when time comes but I know I will figure it out!



And the game goes on . . .



Moral of the story, enjoy the path of life. Take pleasure in the twists and bends in the road. You only get to play once so cherish the opportunities you have. Appreciate the shit that happens because without those events you wouldn’t be able to realize how great the good can really be. Strive to be able to look back on your journey, however long it is, and smile.

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