Embracing Your Truths

Hey there you! Hows it going? What is it that you do in life? Are there things you are aspiring to do? Well as those of you who have been following me know, im on my self love journey. Its been a great ride so far filled with awesome self discovery, the living of my truths which i will talk about in another blog and healing from repressed hurt.

So the latest portion has been embracing my titles. I was on IG recently…my page is a business page. Besides blogging…I sing, dance, act, rap, write, make videos, i make travel videos, i cohost a new podcast, I am a social media manager, I model….apparently im an artist.

Now i had never embraced that title before…it was always an “Oh Im an archaeologist…i just dabble in this in my free time…” but i realized that was not what i was doing… dabbling… That word itself implies that my activities were only a some of the time kind of thing that a person does but it doesn’t describe my passion for what I was ultimately doing. It doesn’t at all depict a young woman who would literally lock herself away in her room and sing for hours…and hours…and hours… It doesn’t nearly begin to tell the story of a someone who would throw her entire energy into a new creative project that essentially did not provide any additional income.

So i moved to LA. No one back “home” ever supports the person sitting across the table from them. Like admitting the person across from you might get out of the hellhole you all created would be agonizing to see. Here, everyone is from somewhere else. Everyone moved here for the same reasons as me and we all have the energy to make something happen. Not only that… i found it embracing to meet others that are filled with talents and not intimated or feel inadequate. We embraced each other and are in support of each other. Its quite refreshing.

What bothered me was when I meet people my old responses would kick in and I would downplay my talents to make other comfortable. Well thats not living my truth nor is it accurate. I came here in search of truth and life. In order to do that, you have to embrace your titles. Not in a braggadocious way but in a matter of fact way. Not acknowledging my own pursuits and downplaying my dreams will never take me anywhere. No one will ever take me seriously. Why would they if I’m not?

So I challenge you today to embrace all of your titles. Titles that you have and the ones you will acquire. I will be a wife. I will be a mother. I will be a CEO. I will be a _______. Whatever it is that you are aspiring to be. Keep your heads up, live your truths and own it! Comment below and share what titles you are embracing for yourself!

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