Psychics? Or Psychos?

Shamans. Seers. Psychics. We have many names for the people that claim to have extra senses that allow them to peer into the “future” or past. Some even claim to talk to those who have passed over to the other side. Now I’m pretty skeptical overall but I don’t deny that there could be such person that has been blessed/cursed with the ability to communicate or sense things to come.

So I have been to a few psychics in my life out of mere curiosity, the first of which I went as a bystander. One of my friends was turning 21 and she wanted to go see what the cards had in store for her. Now I was pretty vehement about not going. I predicted the lady to be a fake, a charlatan, and a bamboozler! I didn’t want to go in there because that lady was going to tell me that I was going to die! Super extreme, right? Wrong! We get in there and my friend sits down. The lady starts throwing down tarot card unceremoniously spouting out some bull about my friend being courted by two men, a rich one and a poor one. The rich one would be older and the poor one was younger. Right. Then in the midst of her confusion in this whirlwind of these two men one of her closest friends was going to die. The F. At the time we were a trio. So it was between me and the other girl who was standing next to me. I was like wow. Guess I was more psychic than the lady . . . I urged my friend to make more friends so we could avoid the jaws of death. Years later, we are all alive and well. The two men never made any cameos in her life and all her predictions were fabricated.

The next time I found myself at a psychic reading was years later in Hannibal, Missouri, home of Mark Twain. Now there’s not much going on in Hannibal but at the local book store I came across the owner who did tarot readings. Like I said, there was not much going on in the sleepy town of Hannibal so I went and had a reading. She told me that I was in a healing transitional period of my life. True so far. Then that I would go on to pursue some form of art. Also true as I have been slowly working on a couple of books. She also said that I like to go about life on my own terms and that although everyone else urges me to conform to their timelines, I generally set my own. Also true. Hmmm . . . okay so maybe they aren’t all crack pots.

While in Korea I decided again that I would see what the cards had in store for me. Apparently, at the time, I was in the correct field as an archaeologist. Hmmm . . . nope rebellious me, I have finally put away my work boots. I got so tired of being on the road and never being stable. This was also giving me a super complicated love life as you can well imagine. Anyways, so he was pretty good. My mother served as a translator and he accurately described my personality and life up until that point. He did see me marrying one day and having two kids. Still waiting for that to happen . . . Anyways, at least he was able to pinpoint my personality. We will see about the rest.

Then randomly in Hawaii I went to one. He told me I’d meet Mr. Right in two years . . . Three years later . . . nope. He was able to tell me that my dog was my kid. True. And also that I have had some hot messes of relationships. Also true. He thought I was from California. Not true. I’m from Washington State. Then said I’d be moving to Baltimore . . . I live in Texas. SOOOOO . . . .

The last time I went to one was recently in LA. Now I knew this woman to be a charlatan but I was curious on how far her BS would go. I was at Santa Monica pier and this lady had set up shop. Well she asked a lot of questions which I gave her short answers too. I mean she’s supposed to be the psychic. She pretty much told me to drive Ubers so I can pursue my acting career. Then gave me relationship advice and directed me to a couple of self-help relationship books. I literally almost laughed out loud. Then she told me to come back when it was my birthday to ask another question. It was my birthday . . . Terrible.

So what do you believe? Do you think that there are those of us touched with the abilities to see into the future or communicate with the other side? One of the most famous “psychics” was Nostradamus who they claim predicted events such as 9/11. Apparently he would look into a bowl of water and see things that had not occurred yet. His writings are cryptic so the interpretations of his readings may be applied to other events. I’m not sure what I believe. I don’t deny that some people may have the ability to sense what normal people can’t. I am sure though that there are probably more of the “Miss Cleo” types out here giving out hopes and dreams that are weaved of the lies that they “see” from their tarot cards.

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