Triangle of Life

Once upon a time in a world much like our own, there was a great peace. All the creatures lived in harmony and there existed a great circle of life. The concept of this circle is that all species are connected from the largest to the smallest. The cycle of life and death though it seemed to be a tangent, came back around to form a circle. Life was as it should be. Of course as it always seems, the peace had to come to an end. There was a great plague on the land. What started off as one locus, turned into billions as the infestation bred and spread far and wide. The animals became frantic as they searched for a way to maintain their existence. As the loci devoured every environment they came into contact the safe havens for the poor animals grew more miniscule. Soon the animals became prey to the loci, attacked and displayed, their carcasses became the only evidence that they had ever existed at all. These loci had no feelings, no consideration for their environment, and no regard for anything other than themselves. Soon the world grew barren and there was nothing left. The loci had no choice but to move on to another world where they could live because of this world, nothing else was left.

That is what the human species has become to this earth. A plague. There are so many shows and movies out there to try to catch the attentions of those careless individuals in order that they may take the steps necessary to prevent the raping of our environment but of course they just enjoy their popcorn as we eradicate and essentially commit genocide on our fellow earthlings. Animals and plants are earthlings as well. We at one point were in the balance with nature but as we grew, our consideration for the others on this planet has severely diminished. Species are going extinct due to our careless deforestation, pollution, and over population. We keep clearing rooms for our neighborhood and then complain when there are deer in our backyards. Where else are they supposed to go? Then when we finish eating them all . . . what then? There’s no checks or balances. We just keep harvesting until they become endangered and then stick them in a zoo. Where they will wilt away or get shot in the head (RIP Harambe).

What happened to the days when we had respect for the world in which we lived in? There were sooooo many different cultures in this world that honored the spirits of everything that lived and strived to keep a balance yet we find ourselves in this greedy capitalistic human driven world that is single-handedly killing our planet earth. Slow clap at the end, great job guys. Why put off tomorrow what we could all be doing today? If we take the idea that the future will fix our mistakes, well there won’t be a future. So Baby Boomers, you can keep that philosophy to yourselves. This earth was created with such beauty that literally in the span of about 200 years we are quickly eradicating. Yes they were cutting down trees before but before they didn’t have the motorized transportation or hey, the atom bomb. All these random ridiculous diversions they put out there on the news about things that don’t matter when we are killing our ozone and killing our home. Where will we go when there’s nowhere to go? I hope you don’t assume there’s enough room on the space ships for all of us. This is a classic Titanic scenario and if we don’t slow down and take care through these icy waters then the boat will sink. If you are unfamiliar with the scenario, first of all have you been living under a rock, and second, there are not enough lifeboats in order to accommodate us all so most of us will not make it.


Now I will not strive as far as to blame Darwin for his inception that survival of the fitness is the key to life because let’s face it, we turned this circle into a triangle with us at the top. Is there a miracle fix? HA! This is not a movie. What can we do as the general populace to help turn things around? Well I’m glad you asked. There’s a few things you can do. One, how about you go plant a drive somewhere! No, seriously, go plant a tree. Plants help filter the atmosphere and at the rate we are going, we need a lot of them bad. They also help keep the ground moist and keep the rain water from evaporating away from the plant life that is underneath their canopies. Also they provide shelter for other animals. Second, car pool! I’m well aware we all just can’t revert to the ol’ barter system and just abandon our occupations or adventures but the less you emit pollutants the better. Going somewhere with others? Car pool, use public transportation, take a train, ride a bike, etc. It’d be nice to have breathable air again. Third, recycle. When we waste, we just create a mess that is harder to fix than if we took the steps in the beginning to prevent the hassle later. Example, you have to sweep the floor. Instead of sweeping it into a dustpan and disposing of it, you just start piling it up in the corners. Eventually you will have a bunch of piles which will grow into a mountain that is more cumbersome to dispose of which you could have prevented by being proactive from the jump. Fourth, eat locally grown foods. By supporting the local economy you will help decrease the over-production of empty nutrition foods that are designed to feed the masses. I.E., the slop for a gang of pigs. We are all getting fattened up, dumbed downed and set up to fail. I could go on for days about common sense things we are doing to destroy the planet (i.e., littering, wasting resources such as water, etc.) but let me just say this, BP you’re not slick trying to keep hush on all your oil spills. Let’s stop putting these animals in zoos for our entertainment and let them go live like normal. Stop cutting down all these trees! Don’t be surprised when our polar ice caps melt because we are proactively killing the ozone. No I’m not a tree-hugger but I know the rape of the natural world when I see it! All food should be organic. Stop filling us up with these toxins! Last but not least, teach your children to do and be better so that they can live in a world that still exists. Period.


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