Downgrade to Free?

Dear Men,

Yes, you need to put in effort. And no, chivalry is not too much to ask for.


Every woman, everywhere


So just because it’s 2016, men feel like women shouldn’t have to demand the world before they put out. Last time I checked the only man who ever had a baby . . . WAS A WOMAN. They have been on the trend of devaluing women for a long time now. Remember when courting a woman could take years? Then all you got was her token, or handkerchief, and if you saw the inside of her wrist?!?!? That alone would send you swooning and blushing! Somewhere from the time of Sir Lancelot and Guinevere the road to romance took a complete erroneous left. How can you expect a woman to open her legs when YOU “SIR” will not even open the door???  How “SIR” can you expect her to bear your children when you can’t even bear to buy the nice lady a cheeseburger???

Excuse me gentlemen for holding you all to such a high standard! How dare I ask you guys to put in a little time and effort! Such audacity of me to demand such excessive courtesies or formalities such as pulling out my chair! It seems we have regressed to the Stone Age and any real affections to be felt are the likes of being dragged into a cave by a grunting Neanderthal. Forgive me of my ignorance, I was unaware that women were allowed to require more than Netflix and chill. I admit I have spent so much time in the kitchen washing the floors upon my knees with a brush that I missed the thot train that would have preferred me on my back and not in a book. Why ever would I want to be treated as well as one would treat their own mother?

Although it’s 2016 some things should be upheld. Women need to keep their standards up. Do not listen to these lies about how it’s okay to allow a man to use you without putting in the time and effort you deserve. Do not allow men to manipulate you by putting the fear of owning a hundred cats. If you don’t remember anything, remember not to spend time on someone who does not spend time on you. Not today, not tomorrow. Anyone who wants to be with you, will make time for you. Period. Any man that wants to be with you, will show you that you are worth the effort. If he’s not willing, there’s nothing you can do. Yes he may play with you for a day, a month, a year, a decade . . . but you will always be chasing him.

Chivalry cannot die if we teach our sons to take care of their women. As women we have to show them that we expect men to do the courteous things that THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAUGHT FOR YEARS. Yes sir, you can keep that rebellion over there because that rebellion will not get you into the skirts of a real woman. A real woman may not require you to pay for her every meal but a REAL woman knows what she wants and what she expects from a man. Question is, are you man enough to be with her?

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