Honestly About Honesty

You can’t handle the truth!

Many of us grew up believing that honesty is the best policy. Not all of us apparently. Anyways, they instilled in us the fact that the only good way was the way without lies. Even the smallest of white lies was not all the time okay. The only times they were not as bad was when you were sparing the feelings of the one you cared about in a situation that wasn’t of major importance or consequence. What I am coming to find is that honesty upfront though appreciated by me, is not understood by others. Does that imply that the shiftiness of the world creates this awkward situation that makes it hard for people to register that my honesty is in fact true and that I actually meant what I said?

I have recently encountered where my honesty backfired on me and the person had their feelings hurt. So I was on my way to a friend’s house. I stopped at a light and the passenger in the car next to me was all in my face. Side note: it’s 2019 and you still CAN NOT holler at someone from the passenger’s seat. Period. I don’t care what you say. Anyways, I wasn’t interested but the car followed me into my friend’s complex, rode around with me until I found parking so that he could hop out to talk to me. Who does that? Moving on, I told this guy that day upfront, literally I’m not into you. I also said I’d talk to your cousin before I’d talk to you. This guy was adamant for my phone number. So adamant that he wouldn’t go away until I told him we could be friends. FRIENDS. Now a month later of me ignoring his texts and phones calls, I didn’t want to be fb friends with him, and I didn’t know who he was when I accidentally answered his call. Does that not still reinforce what I had said on day 1? So he was mad and hurt like I set him up for failure.  I was confused because like I told him on day 1, I was still not interested.

Now I understand that some people play hard to get and you fellas love to chase down your prey but if honesty doesn’t work upfront for you guys . . . is it always the best policy? I think it’s important to be honest and tell people the truth up front, even if what you say isn’t what they want to hear. Truth should be told with tact and if the situation calls for it. Hence the phrase; if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. What I’m curious about is have the values and morals I grew up with changed? Are you guys all Kanye and live in a world of disbelief that does not include a woman not being interested in you? What do you guys think? Comment below!

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