Decoding The Forehead Kiss

Now I feel like this is one of those topics that has probably transcended time and space. Why I bet even the great Cleopatra sat around and wondered what that first forehead kiss from Caesar or Antony really and truly meant. Now historically speaking in the life of a girl, the forehead kiss originates from our fathers, grandparents or uncles. It is a sign that they love and care about you. It is meant to give comfort and let you know that you are safe and protected. As adults now, is that the same meaning come from a man to a woman? What does that imply about the status of the current relationship? Does it imply growth in the relationship? Is it just a tall man thing? But short guys do it too. WTF.

Step one in the path of discovering the true meaning of the forehead kiss; I started at the place where all things unknown start . . . . GOOGLE. Yes I googled it. “True meaning of the forehead kiss”, I came up with the most eclectic information. Everything ranging from friends as f— to I respect you to I love you forever. Quite a large range I’d say. I mean seriously. How confusing it that?

Step two, I asked all my lady friends what they thought it meant. I couldn’t be the only one with that conundrum! I was correct. We were all as confused as a rat in a cat pit. The ones of us who had received the forehead kisses assumed it was a sign of endearment but seriously, does it even have significance? We all relatively enjoyed them but were completely unsure of its meanings. The ones of us who did not enjoy them felt like the kiss was parental which was kind of awkward from the man who was not kin.

Step three, I asked all my male friends what they thought it meant. Well if we were confused then, be confused now. I got responses much like the Google responses. Some guys thought it meant friends as f— all the way up the spectrum to I love you forever. Great. Such clarity. Over all though, the guys all conveyed some sort of affection and care for those who are the recipients of those forehead kisses. Most of them agreed that it depended on the many different variables on how to determine it’s meaning. Variables such as the current status of relationship, current event or date, whether you guys had had sex or not, and many other different circumstances. Just when you thought you were overanalyzing one thing, now you have to think about 50,000 more . . .

The true discovery of the significance of the forehead kiss is to discover who’s the man behind the kiss. From my poll of guy friends I felt entirely enlightened about all of them. What they told me about their interpretation of the kiss gave me insight to the kinds of guys they were. It was also evident that all men were not created equal nor raised the same. Example, some of my guy friends didn’t even know about the existence of the forehead kiss. Therefore reading body language requires more than just one isolated action and not everyone is keen enough to pick up on them. So if your male friend kisses you on the forehead, enjoy it but definitely look out for other clues to uncover its true meaning.

And men say that we’re confusing . . .

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