Living Your BEST MF LIFE!

Living my best life. Not a new concept but after Lil Duval’s song with Snoop it’s all everyone has been proclaiming. Whether it was true or not… I chose to live my best life before the song came out. Since then literally everyone I know has told me, “Wow, you look like you are really living your best life!” Well I have been. Though what that means for me is different than what that could mean for others. People love to try to make me feel some type a way because they feel like their lives are inadequate. So to address that first…like what others do in their lives is none of my concern. Your best life may be going to work and coming home to a nice hot bubble bath…or getting artwork from your 85 children…it might be living in the forest in solitude and peace…it might be cooking a meal for your family on Sundays off the grill. Just like beauty, the act of living one’s best life is relative.


For me to live my best life is to live without fear. I decided that I would not let fear keep me from doing the things that I love or want to do. I decided that if I wanted to go somewhere or do something that I wouldn’t find any excuses that would prevent me from experiencing all I can on Earth…while I can….and while I still have air in my lungs and energy to sustain myself. People waste a lot of energy coming up with ways why they can’t do things. So they are stuck in an unhappy rut being drained because they are afraid to adventure out and try something for fear of failure. If I can’t come up with 5 GOOD VALID reasons not to do something or try something then I turn on my problem-solving skills and I figure out how I can make something possible.


Anything is possible. Want to go to Europe? Well instead of making excuses about why you can’t afford it or why something like that is not possible for you, change the way you think. Use those problem-solving skills that they tried to teach you in high school. Let’s use this example as a demonstration… Alice has never traveled. Alice doesn’t make a lot of money. Alice wants to visit Europe. Okay Alice lets figure out how to get you to Europe! First things first, with the money aspect aside for a second, Alice needs to find out what all is required for traveling. Step one is a passport. Can’t leave the country until she gets a passport. So Alice needs to find out where she can get one, how much it costs, how long does it take, etc. All of which she can find out on the internet. Once she knows how much she can BUDGET and SAVE for that amount. So instead of eating out for a year, she decides to make her lunches. It’s called sacrifice. You might have to sacrifice a little in order to go do what you want to do. Okay so lets say finally Alice gets her passport. Now her next step is to figure out where in Europe she wants to go and narrow it down. Plan an itinerary and figure out how much it is to go to the places she wants to go. Which may require also researching the currency and costs of local transportation. You have to put in the work. Once she’s figured out the general cost which she should always balloon to have extra money for incidentals and souvenirs or extra things she might want to do then she has a ball park figure for how much everything including her flight is going to be. Now she knows how much she’s going to need. So she saves again this time she may have a time limit. I need X amount of dollars by July 2 of next year. Now she has not just a plan but a goal. Make it a game, make it fun! Figure it out.


Bottom line, the only thing holding you back from your “best life”, whatever that looks like, is yourself. Figure it out. Don’t be afraid because you have your own back. Do the research, make a plan, be proactive in your own life. Maybe all you want to do is go to the park with your dog. Come up with a plan, figure out how you can make it happen for yourself. Create some goals. Be productive. Do something that makes you happy. Even if it’s just for an hour or two, every once in a while.

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