Petty Haterations

Some of you guys out there apparently didn’t grow up listening to Mary J Blige.

“Don’t need no hateration, holleration in this dance for me”

Those are the lyrics from Family Affair, a great song about just having a great time. No one causing any problems . . . no one slanging slanders with them twitter fingers. Tradition dictates that however someone brings in the new year is how their entire year is going to be . . . This has been a really petty year. P-E-T-T-Y.

Petty- of little importance; trivial.

This somehow became a trend to everyone’s entertainment and chagrin. Now everyone wants to stir up the pot of controversy in order to be relevant or to flex their “superiority” over others. It is astonishing to me how GROWN men are out here acting like children on a playground. Throwing “shade” or making allusions to others in a unflattering way to bring down the credibility or reputation of the other is something that kids do in high school when they think they are “cool”. In the dire time we live in today, you would think that there were more important things they could be doing or saying with their platform. What we need, everyone, to do is come together and bring each other up. Not everyone is going to succeed. That much is clear. The ambition and drive is greater in some rather than others. However, how much further do you think you can reach when you are spending all your energy in the effort to discredit someone else???

Where are all the Kaepernicks and the Tupacs out here that are saying things with a purpose? Where are the people who are driven to expose the corrupt and shine light upon a backwards systems that thrives upon the episodes of bitter and childish squabbles in order to distract the people from the realities of the world?

While everyone is sleeping, those that hold all the cards are rebuilding a misogynist society where the women have fewer rights than a dog . . . immigrants no longer have a home . . . and the “American dream” is completely unattainable. Wake up before you literally wake up and what has been done is irreversible.

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