Juice Squad: Turning On The Mic

So about 3 years ago me and four of my friends created a podcast that airs once a week on Sunday called Juice Sunday. It was named after the group we had named Juice Squad. The origins of the group was on the designation of juice names we had created for one another. Juice is a reference to someone that is attractive and has that charisma or “it” factor. No matter where we went, someone was always getting a number and the group members were so diverse that we had what ever shade of chocolate or personality type a man could desire. Thus juice was born. We had baby juice, OG juice, juice jr, juice supreme, and daddy juice. We would joke that we were going to have jerseys made with our juice names stitched on the back. It was great to have such nice group of ladies that were real and could have fun together. The conversations we had were so hilarious and real that we had the idea to create a podcast together to share the entertainment with others. Alas, not all the juice members would stay.You would find it amazing to find out that someone who you hung out with almost on a daily was not someone you would want to work with nor start a business with. So everyone didn’t make it but I guess in all things that is to be expected.

Everyone assumes that all podcasting is is just simply “turning on the mic”. Cute but they don’t get to see all the hard work that goes into what we do. All the weekly meetings and brainstorming sessions plus all the documents and outlines, etc. Running a podcast on the side is a full time side job and proof of our hustle is in the success of our shows. Every episode is a learning curve and we are constantly trying to make the shows better and find new creative ideas so when people click the link to hear the show, it’s not an hour of people having boring conversation. We want listeners to laugh, think, and connect with us and only using our voices without any visuals as a medium is an art. You either got it or you have to work many years to get it. Then besides content the energy and chemistry has to be there. Period. I don’t care how interesting your theory of relativity is . . . if the deliver isn’t there neither is the attention span of the audience. For me, this idea of radio came to me as a necessity. In my opinion, the radio stations in Austin leave sooooo much to desire for, that I thought about what it would take for me to scratch the surface of radio. So much so that I wrote a blog about it which you can read at the link below . . .


Anyways, it amazing how things manifest for you once you put them into the atmosphere. Besides doing just shows now we are trying to branch out into events, hosting gigs, and music showcases. We feel like we add just a little something different to this nightlife culture and you have to definitely check out one of our events just to get a real feel for it. As three black intelligent women in a world were we are the trend but we are not in . . . we are determine to break some stereotypes and make a name for ourselves. We know success is a grind and we put in the work 24-7. The world has become a crazy place but hopefully we can make a little ripple of good @atxjuice, IG/twitter @atx_juice, atx juicesquad on google+ and youtube and follow our Soundcloud at the link below to check out our shows. Please feel free to come check them out!

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